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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The photo story of Sushi Kitchen born part 2- Natural Bamboo

This is how the bamboo born at the Sushi Kitchen......

This is how the glue gum melt into my skin. It is very painful..

I try to poke the blistering part...

Pop... the ballon released!!

Sun the bamboo after bath them... I know, i know u r wandering why the sushi kitchen 'tak dak' sushi mia.. sushi is coming soon... just to let u know the process ... be patient ya...

That's it for the bamboo...


  1. hehe yea, im waiting for the sushi anyway :p

    good luck ya!!

    nice to meet summer:p

  2. thanks for the comment Dean, r u the one that come over our shop today? The 'Leng cai'?? haha... Btw, thanks 4 coming ya.. Tml is 'Guan Yin Dan', we have special things, if you're free come over n yam cha yam cha lar...

  3. Opps, just view your profile, paiseh, got the wrong person.. anyway, thanks 4 coming still.. free come over yamcha yamcha ya.. haha.. c ya soon..

  4. Omg..Sam's hand was so disgusting...
    Felt so pain juz looking at d pic..luckily it's juz a small part..