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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2nd Day of Opening...

Today, 15th March 2009

1st, we have a lot of surprise from the walk-in customer, friends and relative, because we didn't aspect so many people came at once, haha.. (tell very honestly), and we can still manage to get things in order and positive feed back from everyone.

Because we didn't do any media advertising, that is the reason why we felt surprise.

Thanks to all the supporters ya. Ermm.. not to talk too much, here we go for today's food, people n situation. (to satisfied those who can't come, in the reason of staying too far away :)


Do u see a smiling face at the sushi roll? Try it, you will see...


I'm a bit gan cheong so hand shake, paiseh.. paiseh..

Process of Food Photoes...

That's it for today, night time tak dak masa capture already, was a bit busy at night time.

So it come to the end of 'Story of the Day', got to say ciao...

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