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Sushi kitchen is a meatless Cafe, a place for Veg. diet , Chit-chat, gathering & drink tea .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear All!! This is our latest business hours!!

Thank you very much for every visitors and supporters.
Below is our most updated blog and news:
see u there:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

English Edu's friends

To our Dearest English education's friends,

Deepest apology of didn't translate the latest news in English.

Here's the story,

Sushi Kitchen are already resume to business since 1st of June2010.

Why we re-open again at the same places.

Well, this is a very long long story.
We are too tired, we just shut down the business!
Go for a vacations.

And ~~

Received a ton of calls from our Malaysia's friends.
Many many of 'why' questions.

# Somethings happen in the middle#

And we decided to re-open Sushi Kitchen.

After visiting so many different places,
after eating all over the different places,
We found that Sushi Kitchen is just perfect to be what it was right now.

Sushi Kitchen is just so comfortable & we miss the shop so much(as you know, we build them up by our both hand, ya).

So here we are, same old place, same old style,

please call for reservations,

sam 017 - 4656 821
summer - 012 591 3311

Sushi Kitchen

Monday, May 17, 2010



对于这阵日子里,白跑一趟的朋友们。。 我们感到深深的歉意。。


从结束营业离开马来西亚 再回到槟岛的这段期间



回到这温馨的小岛之后,再回到熟悉的sushi kitchen。



发现了~ 这原有的个性及气氛是很独特的

放弃它 太可惜了

所以我们决定再与大家分享 ,我们一手一木所创造的空间

以及让身体健康 + 开心的料理。

我们决定在这 6月2日,星期三,开始欢迎您的光临,老地方见!

* 请记得来电预约哦!!

预约电话 :04 - 644 6739 / 012 - 591 3311

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sushi Kitchen is Support Earth Hour 2010

Dear Earthlings,

Please support Earth Hour 2010 on 27th March.

To take part, just turn off or stop using electricity for only 1 hour ( 8:30pm) on that night.

Your small contribution makes a big impact towards creating a greener earth to live on.

With Love,


Monday, March 15, 2010


Dearest Friends,

We need manpower that care for our mother earth.

Anyone who are interested to join us, please send us your resume by e-mail ( for position 1 & 7).
Email address : sushi.kitchen.penang@gmail.com

or drop us SMS for position 2 to 6.
Contact number : 017-465 6821

Position that needed:

1) Restaurant Manager-1 Position
2) Captain - 1 Position
3) waiter / waitress -12 positions
4) Bartender - 2 positions
5) kitchen helper- 3 positions
6) Cooking Chef- 2 positions
7) Sushi Sifu- 2 positions
8) Cashier - 1 position
9) Marketing executive - 2 positions

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Terminate of Business 31 DECEMBER 2009

Dearest Customer,

Thank you for choosing plantbased diet for you healthy way of living and saving the earth at the same time

Thanks for choosing SUSHI KITCHEN and we are so glad that you have been here.

We will terminate our Business at this location and travel to overseas soon!

Take care and hope we will meet again some other days.

with Love,
Sushi Kitchen

P/S: Please send us email( sushi.kitchen.penang@gmail.com )if you like to know the status of us:)