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Friday, July 23, 2010

English Edu's friends

To our Dearest English education's friends,

Deepest apology of didn't translate the latest news in English.

Here's the story,

Sushi Kitchen are already resume to business since 1st of June2010.

Why we re-open again at the same places.

Well, this is a very long long story.
We are too tired, we just shut down the business!
Go for a vacations.

And ~~

Received a ton of calls from our Malaysia's friends.
Many many of 'why' questions.

# Somethings happen in the middle#

And we decided to re-open Sushi Kitchen.

After visiting so many different places,
after eating all over the different places,
We found that Sushi Kitchen is just perfect to be what it was right now.

Sushi Kitchen is just so comfortable & we miss the shop so much(as you know, we build them up by our both hand, ya).

So here we are, same old place, same old style,

please call for reservations,

sam 017 - 4656 821
summer - 012 591 3311

Sushi Kitchen


  1. Hi, not sure if you are checking the comment section...will comment anyway lol. Your place rocks...we went there last Sat. Got lost, late and everything before we found it. But once the food arrived..problem solved :-) The ambiance is really good. I hope ur place makes tonne of money and can stay on and on and then, can make many many customers like me happy always... cheers!!

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