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Sushi kitchen is a meatless Cafe, a place for Veg. diet , Chit-chat, gathering & drink tea .

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Penang Meatless Day Carnival2009!! ( Photo added)

Dearest Customer,

Sushi kitchen is going to close on this Saturday & Sunday(14th & 15th Nov. 09') to join this charity carnival event.

See you there!! :)


这个星期天Sushi Kitchen将会去参加2009年度国际无肉日所以星期六&星期天(2009年11月14号及15号)我们都没营业。


Sushi Kitchen
Remarks : Special thanks to Shyko, KC, Dilon & Pau Loon ( all are our customer) for offering their uncondition love to help out at this event. Thanks again!! :)

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