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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Latest News from SUSHI KITCHEN

To our dearest customer,

Thanks for your encouraging call and warm care, we felt your love. :)

We have received more than hundred call and similar questions had ask such as :

1) Question : Is Sushi Kitchen shutdown the business ?

Answer : No.

2) Question: Why sushi Kitchen only open on Saturday ?

Answer : We are seriously lacking of service staff thus we only operate on Saturday.
Please kindly make a reservation in advance 24 hour advance .

3) Question : Why!!!??? Why need to do reservation in advance ?

Answer : Since we just operate on Saturday, we only purchase & make selection of the raw material according to the reservation number ( This is to make sure the freshness & quality of the food ) We believe good food can only be prepared by the fresh & healthy raw food, all food need to be soak into enzyme for at least 45 minutes of time to get rid of harmful chemical fertilizer & small little insert )

4) Question : Can we dine-in without reservation ?

Answer : we are not encouraging that. But yes , we will serve you depends on the availability seats we have in-house. (Please kindly refer to Q2 & Q3)

5) Question : You guys have other jobs on weekday besides of running this cafe ?

Answer : No.

6) Question : Then what else you guys do on weekdays without open SUSHI KITCHEN?

Answer : We are hiring crew, re-arrange the shop, menu , system, website & recharge our self.

Basically, we are doing research & resource to improve the shop with our own creativity.

SUSHI KITCHEN would like to serve the BEST for our customer.
To all caring customer, we will resume our business on 1st of September 09'. You'll feel happy & surprise with our new changes.

With Love,
Sushi Kitchen





1) 问题:SUSHI KITCHEN是不是关闭啦?
回答: 不是。

2) 问题:那为什么SUSHI KITCHEN只营业星期六而已呢?
回答: 我们正在面对着严重的缺乏服务生所以我们只可以在星期六一天营业。

3) 问题: 为什么!!!?? 为什么需要预先预定?
回答: 自从我们只营业星期六,我们只采购根据预约的数量。(以保持食物的品质及新鲜度) 我们深信只有新鲜的蔬菜,水果才能够准备出美味佳肴。

4) 问题: 我们可以不做预约的上来用餐吗?
回答: 我们并不鼓励这么做。可是,如果有空档的座位就没问题。(请参考问题2与问题3)

5) 问题: 周一至周五你们是不是还有其他的工作呢?
回答 : 不是。

6) 问题: 那你们周一至周五都在做什么呢?
回答: 我们正在寻找着服务人员,重新整理店面,菜单,系统,设计网面及给我们自己充电。




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  1. 很想念黃金時代的甜甜芒果.....