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Sushi kitchen is a meatless Cafe, a place for Veg. diet , Chit-chat, gathering & drink tea .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sushi Kitchen Corner

Flowers from supporter...


  1. hey...i'm d 1st giving comment...
    d flower tat made by "ming fu" really gorgeous...
    great supporter...d mison udon tat u captured seem lik very tasty...hehe..hungry now..N wanna said tat "photograher" is so pro..take d best pic..ok,hope u 2 doing well..Double "S" couple..haha..love ya..God bless.

  2. Congratulation yah.没送你东西,就“借花献佛”叫记者为你介绍。记得报道出来后,到时请我吃。哈哈。

  3. 还有,我在自己的blog帮你宣传了,可是你的blog好像没有地图、营业时间及联系电话喔!

  4. Hei Yippy,

    When r u coming to taste the sushi ?
    Im thinking to make a petai sushi for u , sui boh ?

    Ha.....ha...may BE DURIAN also can ....lets c how.

  5. Hei Keeplifeeasy,

    Thanks for publishing at ur blog ya, sure will give u a big treat ....

    I will add in the map, business hours & contact inside the blog ,thanks for ur reminder.

    Cheers ! Keep life easy .....


  6. Hi, sam -- xiao yang,
    greetings from Singapore!
    just heard from goon siew the other day that you have opened the sushi cafe and here i received your blog!

    hope can visit your cafe one day, give us the address and contact and business hour please.

    feel so happy and excited for you!

    So nice.......:)

    With Best Wishes,

  7. boom! summer tan, here i come to boom u!
    visit u this holiday, see yea :-}

  8. Hallo Meixin,

    Thanks & glad to c u guys here.
    Below is our cafe address :

    No 2A-1 , Jalan Sungai Ara , Desa Ara,
    Sungai Ara , 11900 Bayan Lepas ,

    ( 3 minutes from P.I.S.A stadium)/
    ( 5 minutes from Penang International Airport)

    Business Hour : 11 am to 3 pm , 6.30 pm to 11 pm.
    Closed on every Thursday.

    Contact : 012-591 3311 / 017-465 6821