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Sushi kitchen is a meatless Cafe, a place for Veg. diet , Chit-chat, gathering & drink tea .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Opening soon on 13.03.09 ( Friday )

Hi all, Sushi Kitchen cafe is a place for healthy consciouness mind ppl like you to enjoying the japanese cuisine meatless diet ( Plant based diet). You can taste your meal while enjoying the pure & peaceful atmosphere at here.

We provide high energy food, example like Hand-made sushi, organic vegetable, fresh local fruit, Japanese green Tea & chinese Purr err tea and etc.

We used most of the natural material example like, Natural wood, bamboo and so on to decorate the shop as we believe when we are in tune with Natural, they will provide us good & fine vibration in return.

Dear viewer, the shop is still under renovation state, and because of the malaysia ISP problems, we are now still in waiting list for streamyx. For now, it was just a very brief intro for this paradise.

We hope that you will come back here to see what is going on next...We will upload photo soon..If you are interested to this place and feel like to know more, please do e-mail us. E-mail address: sushi.kitchen.penang@gmail.com .

Oh ya, one more important info, the shop is located in Penang Island, Malaysia.

Address :
No 2A-1 , Jalan Sungai Ara , Desa Ara,
Sungai Ara , 11900 Bayan Lepas ,

( near by P.I.S.A stadium)

Contact : 012-591 3311 / 017-465 6821

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